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  • [19.8.2015] Events in Bratislava, August 3 - August 9, 2015
    weekly events
    Enjoy your time in Bratislava with our weekly event guide!
    City festivals, sports, concerts and much more...
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  • [31.7.2015] Summer language course for foreigners opens for 51st time
    STUDIA Academica Slovaca (SAS), the summer Slovak language course will starts August 3 and offers three weeks of lessons, lectures, workshops, trips, sightseeing and more.
    Document folders: Culture

  • [30.7.2015] Female sculptors have their say at SNG
    SCULPTING is not a skill historically associated with women, but the current exhibition in the Slovak National Gallery (SNG) explores this phenomenon on the works, studies, life and careers of Slovak and Czech (and German, in one case) sculptors.
    Document folders: Culture

  • [29.7.2015] Events in Bratislava
    Tips for events in Slovakia between July 31 and August 9, including international cat show, a lot of classical music and jazz, an organ festival, jeep rally, a summer film seminar, a beach-volleyball tournament, and more.
    Document folders: Culture

  • [28.7.2015] The biggest Roma festival in Slovakia spills into Bratislava streets
    THE GYPSY Fest, already a tradition in Slovakia (in its eight years) now falls under the World Roma Festival series. In Bratislava, it will bring a host of events between July 29 and 31.
    Document folders: Culture

  • [23.7.2015] Events in Bratislava
    Tips for events in Slovakia between July 17 and 16, including international horse race, open-air concerts and festivals, a vegan party, international youth music festival, athletic races in nature, a theatre festival, an international hip-hop festival, and more.
    Document folders: Culture

  • [22.7.2015] Bunker from WWI at Kamzík open
    A BUNKER from WWI at Bratislava’s Kamzík is once again accessible.
    Document folders: Culture

  • [21.7.2015] Statue and Object project turns 20, expanding in the process
    THE PROJECT Statue and Object which annually brings artworks to the interiors and exteriors of Bratislava has not only survived for 20 years – but seems to be thriving and expanding.
    Document folders: Culture

  • [14.7.2015] Biedermeier period exhibition at SNG
    Portrait of a Young Lady in Blue Dress
    ONE OF bigger exhibitions, if not the biggest this year at the Slovak National Gallery, is a collection of paintings, furniture, jewellery and other artefacts originating from within Slovak territory during what is called the Biedermeier period.
    Document folders: Culture

  • [9.7.2015] Events in Bratislava
    Tips for events in Slovakia between July 10 and 19, including a Latin Danube cruise, foreign cultures (French Day, Asia cooking, mix of foreign music), a combination of classical music and improvised dance, biggest Slovak open-air music festival, jazz festival, biggest European hip-hop festival, festival of independent culture, hill-climb car race, and more.
    Document folders: Culture


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