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  • [31.5.2015] Events in Bratislava, May 25 - May 31, 2015
    weekly events
    Enjoy your time in Bratislava with our weekly event guide!
    City festivals, sports, concerts and much more...
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  • [22.5.2015] Events in Bratislava
    Tips for events between May 22 and 31, including a concert of top four world/ethno music Slovak bands, a festival of environmental movies, days of architecture, an opera premiere, a literary festival, two markets of traditional crafts, Marc Chagall exhibition, and more.
    Document folders: Culture

  • [19.5.2015] Who has Esprit in Slovakia
    JAZZ may not be the most mainstream genre in Slovakia but it still has many fans here, both among audiences and musicians – many of whom are appreciated also abroad and play with acclaimed foreign jazz musicians.
    Document folders: Culture

  • [18.5.2015] Events in Bratislava
    Tips for events between May 14 and May 24, including a multi-genre festival, gastronomy and community markets, Open Day at embassies, a two-day jazz festival, a dance competition, and more.
    Document folders: Culture

  • [15.5.2015] Wine fair at Devín Castle this weekend
    THE WINE celebration named Vína Devina - Devínske vínne trhy' (Wines of Devín – Devín’s wine market fair) will take place in the village of Devín, suburb of Bratislava in the weekend on May 16-17.
    Document folders: Culture

  • [14.5.2015] Slovakia prepares for the Restaurant Day
    Restaurant Day
    ANYBODY may open his or her own pop-up restaurant at any unoccupied place in Slovakia on May 16 when the Restaurant Day will take place in Slovakia.
    Document folders: Culture

  • [13.5.2015] Renowned conductor, performers, support Bratislava “music house”
    music house
    BRATISLAVA has historically been a town/city with a rich musical life. One of the venues connected with music – and also social life – is the house of the famous Albrecht family, renowned musicians.
    Document folders: Culture

  • [12.5.2015] Tiger cub at Bratislava Zoo christened Salim
    A WHITE male tiger cub, born at Bratislava Zoo in February, was christened Salim by Bratislava mayor Ivo Nesrovnal on April 25.
    Document folders: Culture

  • [11.5.2015] Ambitious SND ballet making waves
    COMPARING a artful ballet like The Corsaire to a blockbuster movie like Pirates of the Caribbean may seem like blasphemy, but its wide ranging appeal make the comparison tempting nonetheless.
    Document folders: Culture

  • [7.5.2015] Events in Bratislava
    Tips for events in Bratislava as well as outside the capital between May 7 and May 17, including blues and world music concerts, an exhibition of renowned Czech 1930's photographer, opening of inline-skating season, improvised dance, Norwegian musical/light performance, and more.
    Document folders: Culture


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