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The City of Bratislava is operating in 2010 with a balanced budget of € 277 million). Almost € 80.0 million of this (28 %) is earmarked for investments. More than a tenth of the budget is used for social services, cultural, recreational and leisure projects. A large part of Bratislava’s budget is spent on environmental protection including waste management. In terms of current expenses it is 20 percent.


In total more than a quarter of all the money from the budget goes toward public transport, for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. Public transport is operated by Dopravný podnik Bratislava (DPB), which is 100% owned by the city. Bratislava also has direct shares in another sixteen companies. In addition to the public transport company, other strategic companies include those that deal with waste disposal and treatment, the supply of drinking water and sewerage management.

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