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Bratislava is a historic city, which has grown out of its past as a free royal coronation town. At that time it was known as Pressburg, Prešporok or Pozsony. The spirit of its past can be felt in every step. In the historical city centre you can find amazing pastel-coloured palaces, built by European nobility. Visitors will enjoy the many reconstructed fountains from times long gone, gothic churches, romantic narrow alleyways and one of the most stunning old squares in Central Europe.


Even so, it is still a fairly undiscovered destination by tourists and so you do not have to suffer the stampede of tourists often found in other European cities, not even in the peak season. Visitors to Bratislava are not here just for the historical monuments, but also for the rich range of cultural and entertainment possibilities. Classical music lovers will love it here, for instance, with a night out at the opera of the Slovak National Theatre, where world-renowned artists the likes of Edita Gruber, Lucia Popp or Peter Dvorský grew in stature. The Slovak National Theatre ballet or Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra are also extremely popular, as are the many museums and galleries.


Favourite events of visitors from both home and abroad include the Bratislava Music Festival, devoted to classical music, or the Bratislava Jazz days, which speaks for itself. The Wilsonic festival of progressive music has also developed an avid following. Large outdoor events always meet with great enthusiasm, like the Coronation Celebrations or the New Year celebrations, which are on a par with similar mega events in other cities of Europe. Somebody once coined the phrase Partyslava to describe Bratislava.  


A major attraction, especially in the summer, is the excellently reconstructed historical centre of Staré Mesto, which can be compared to one big open air restaurant. Tourists say that the relaxed atmosphere is reminiscent in some way of coastal town. The cuisine is based on traditions stretching back to the days of the monarchy: it is not so much typical Slovak cuisine, but rather Pressburg cuisine, with various Slovak specialties. Following the complete revitalisation of the Danube embankment, which will see some fascinating property developments, the centre will be extended and enriched. The whole embankment will be dominated by a promenade, which will lead along the River Danube practically over the full length of the city. 
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