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Petržalka City Project

Petrzalka City
Petržalka City has all the hallmarks of a unique, large and conceptually innovative project. Its scale places it on the international scene, beyond the borders of Bratislava or even Slovakia.


This modern, self-contained multipurpose centre is being developed by Petržalka City in Petržalka, no more than 2 kilometres of the historic heart of the dynamically growing city of Bratislava. Spread over an area of 270,000 square metres, it will consist of apartments, offices, as well as facilities for relaxation, sports, shopping and cultural venues. Numerous attractions are also being planned in the Croatian Channel of the Danube River, where an ecologically valuable area can be found. It is envisaged that a contemporary urban park complete with a number of original architectural features will be created over an area of 70,000 square metres there. Destined to be a landmark, the park will also have a water area as a result of the revitalisation of the Croatian Channel of the Danube. The development will include a tree-lined boulevard of 60 metres in width. In addition, a town hall, a library,  a multipurpose cultural hall, a contemporary art gallery, an ecumenical centre and other public, cultural and community facilities are under consideration in the large square. The project will provide excellent sports and recreational amenities as there will be ample space for organised and unorganised sports events. Sports facilities under consideration contain a gym and sports fields, along with running, skating and cycle tracks.


The project will be carried out in stages, and is scheduled for completion in 2015. It is hoped that spring of 2009 will see the beginning of the first stage. The area of 25,200 square metres will house apartments, complete with office accommodation and a shopping centre. Furthermore, a three-star hotel with a conference venue will be also constructed at Stage A of the Petržalka City project. In addition to serviced apartments, the project focuses on sports and relaxation, with a fitness centre and a swimming pool under development. The first stage of the Petržalka City project is scheduled for completion in 2011.  


Responsible: Nina Turčanová
Created / changed: 1.3.2007 / 1.10.2008


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