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The Narrowest House

The Narrowest House
This is the narrowest house in Slovakia and possibly in the whole of Europe. It dates from the end of the 18th century and is located next to Michael’s Tower in a site previously occupied by part of the old city walls. With the development of artillery, urban fortifications had become redundant by the 18th century; Bratislava's were knocked down to allow the expansion of the city, leaving a 130-centimetre gap that had previously been an open space used by sentries to move along the walls. This ultra-narrow house was built to fill the gap. It was subsequently extended into the tower itself.



The house has an interesting story to tell. It came about due to the demolition of the city fortifications in the 17th century. These originally consisted of two walls, between which was an open space - commonly referred to as "cvinger". Over time, as armies began to use cannons, the justification for such fortifications gradually came to an end. The demolition of the walls between Michael's Gate and Michael's Tower created a gap of 130 cm. Originally, a passageway for sentries was here.

Michalská 15

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